26 October, 2020
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The following notices provide examples of the type of information DebtorLink publish and what you receive via email each day.

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Notice Number: 119132
Notice Type: Bankruptcy
Region: Auckland

WWW.INSOLVENCY.GOVT.NZ IN BANKRUPTCY THE OFFICIAL ASSIGNEE Advises that the following person was adjudicated bankrupt on the date below: 28 July 2003; FARROW, RICKI JOE, Truck Driver, 10 Crossandra Drive, Mangere, Auckland, at 11:23am. Creditors please note: A bankruptcy update will be sent to all known creditors within 25 working days of the date of adjudication. 2. A claim form (available from our website) should be completed and forwarded to Private Bag 4751, Christchurch. 3. If you claim a security interest over any assets of the above, please provide details to the Official Assignee as soon as possible. Phone: 0508 467 658, Private Bag 4751, CHRISTCHURCH.

Notice Number: 118935
Notice Type: Liquidation
Region: Auckland

SKY SYSTEMS LIMITED (In Liquidation) Notice of Appointment of Liquidator(s) and Notice to Creditors to Claim Notice is hereby given that on 24 July 2003 pursuant to section 241(2)c of the Companies Act 1993, Vivian Judith Fatupaito, Insolvency Practitioner and Richard Dale Agnew, Chartered Accountant of Auckland, were appointed jointly and severally as liquidators of Sky Systems Limited at 11.10 am. The liquidation commenced as at the date and time of our appointment. Notice is also given that the liquidators hereby fix 24 October 2003 as the day on or before which the creditors of the Company are to make their claims, and to establish any priority their claims may have under section 312 of the Act, or to be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before the debts are claimed, or, as the case may be, from objecting to the distribution. Claims are to be forwarded and creditors and shareholders may direct enquiries to PricewaterhouseCoopers, Private Bag 92162, Level 8, PricewaterhouseCoopers Tower, 188 Quay Street, Auckland. Telephone: (09) 355 8000, Facsimile: (09) 355 8013. Dated: Friday, 25 July 2003. Vivian Judith Fatupaito, Liquidator.

Notice Number: 118799
Notice Type: Receiverships
Region: Auckland

NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF RECEIVER. Section 8 of the Receiverships Act 1993 Paul Graham Sargison and Gerald Stanley Rea of Auckland, Chartered Accountants, were appointed on the 14th day of July 2003 as Receivers of the property of BUSINESS SYSTEMS LEASING LIMITED, under the powers contained in a general security agreement dated the 23rd day of November 2001, by Classic Finance Limited. The property secured consists of the assets and undertaking of the company. Dated this 16th day of July 2003 P G Sargison Joint Receiver Address of Receiver: Gerry Rea Associates, P O Box 3015, Auckland. Phone: (09) 377 3099 Facsimile: (09) 377 3098. Email: psargison@gerryrea.co.nz

Notice Number: 118338
Notice Type: Winding up Order
Region: Auckland

TAKE NOTICE that on the 8th day of February 2002, an application for the winding up of SPENCER ROAD DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED by the High Court was filed in the High Court at Auckland. The application is to be heard before the High Court at Auckland on 26 March, 2002 at 10.45am. Any person, other than the defendant company, who wishes to appear on the hearing of that application must file an appearance not later than the second working day before that day. The plaintiff is Auckland Insulation Services Limited, whose address for service is at the offices of Callaghan & Co, Solicitors, Level 9, 2 Kitchener Street, Auckland. Further particulars may be obtained from the office of the Court or from the plaintiff or the plaintiff's solicitor.

Notice Number: 118829
Notice Type: Judgments/Proceedings
Region: Wellington

IN THE MATTER of Section 92 of the Property Law Act 1952, AND IN THE MATTER of Memorandum of Mortgage No. B828591.3 over the land in Certificate of Title CT22A/689 (Wellington Registry) TO: ROBIN IRELAND. DEFAULT WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION ABN 33-007-457-141, incorporated in Australia (and registered in New South Wales) under the Corporation Act 2001 of Australia and having its principal place of business in New Zealand at 188 Quay Street, Auckland (Westpac) Bank being the first mortgagee under the above memorandum of mortgage (Mortgage) HEREBY GIVES YOU NOTICE that you are in default under the Mortgage as follows: You have failed to pay: 1. Choices Home Loan Account No: 03-0609-0109890-91, the amount in arrears as at 7 July 2003 is $4,035.10. 2. Choices Home Loan Account No; 03-0609-0109890-92, The amount in arrears as at 7 July 2003 is $922.62. 3. Current Account No: 03-0726-0614650-00 balance outstanding as at 7 July 2003 $7,428.10. The total amount now in arrears as at 7 July 2003 is $12,385.82. REMEDY: You are required to remedy the defaults by payment of the sum of $12,385.82. CONSEQUENCES: If you do not remedy each default on or before 20 August 2003, the mortgagee will have the right to sell the land described in the Mortgage and/or to enter into possession of that land, and/or to exercise all or any other powers contained or implied in the Mortgage and all money secured by the Mortgage will become due and payable. COSTS: under the provisions of the mortgage you are required to pay the costs of this notice which amount to $1,800,00. There maybe other costs payable by you pursuant to the terms of the Mortgage and arising as a result of your default. If such further costs are incurred an account will be sent to you in due course. Demand is now made upon you for payment of this sum on or before 20 August 2003. This notice is given by WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION whose address for service is at the offices of Minter Ellison Rudd Watts, 24th floor, Bank of New Zealand Tower, 125 Queen Street, Auckland. 1. Documents for service may be left at the address for service or may be posted to the solicitor at PO Box 3798, Auckland 1. A copy of the Property Law Act notice with full details of defaults may be uplifted from the offices of Minter Ellison Rudd Watts to interested parties. (Refer all enquiries to Jenny Henry, Telephone 09-353-9700).

Notice Number: 918935
Notice Type: Voluntary Administration
Region: Auckland

EXAMPLE LIMITED (Voluntary Administration) Notice of Appointment of Voluntary Administrator 1st November 2007 pursuant to the Companies Amendment Act 2006, John Sample, Insolvency Practitioner of Auckland was appointed as Voluntary Administrator of Example Limited at 11.10 am. The Voluntary Administration commenced as at the date and time of our appointment.

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