26 October, 2020
Our Guarantee

When you subscribe to DebtorLink you can be assured of receiving relevant and timely notification of debtor information from around New Zealand. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with our service, you may cancel any time after 90-days and receive a refund for any unused period. You are not locked into any contracts and your only obligation is to remain a subscriber for the first 90-days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of organisations subscribe to DebtorLink?

Anyone can subscribe including large multi-national companies, small to medium sized businesses, credit reference agencies, financial and lending institutions, larger retail or departmental stores, government departments and their agencies. If you wish to minimise exposure to bad debtors and manage your credit risk, DebtorLink is a cost effective early notification service. Being alerted to just one potential debtor may save you thousands!

What are the main benefits in subscribing to DebtorLink?

Because of our wide coverage, the main benefit is that you receive early notification of potential defaulters, be they individuals or businesses. So if you or your staff rely on searching the local newspapers, or wait to hear by word of mouth, the longer this takes the higher your exposure and risk. DebtorLink is not a cost, it is an investment!

What type of notices are published on DebtorLink?

Bankruptcies, Judgments, Proceedings, Company Liquidations, Company Receiverships, Voluntary Administration, and Company Winding Up Orders.

How do we source these notices?

We research and scan all daily newspapers, journals and industry related websites.

Does DebtorLink contain all such notices or just some?

We research and scan all daily newspapers, journals and industry related websites for content. We gather as many notices as possible however cannot guarantee 100% coverage.

How often are DebtorLink notices published?

DebtorLink is published daily, Tuesday to Friday except for statutory holidays. Notices are sent to subscribers via email notification on the day we publish them. The notices can also be viewed on our website if you have USER ID and Password access.

Can I select which type of notices I require and the regions they are published in?

Yes. You can choose to receive notices via email based on the notice type and the regions where they are published. For example, you could choose all bankruptcies for individuals in Auckland, or New Zealand wide. You can choose as many notice types and as many regions as you wish.

If I choose the email notification option, do I get one email per day or several emails for each notice published?

You get one email per day for all notices. Generally, you will receive the email before 2.00pm daily.

How many people in our company can have access to DebtorLink?

Up to five people can have access under the one subscription. This means that each person can have their own profile specific to his or her needs or location. For example, if you have several branches around New Zealand, each of your staff can have a profile for their own regions. If you require additional users, the cost is $100.00 plus GST per user per year. You will need to call our customer services to add additional users.

If we see a notice that we need to act on, do we call you?

No. We merely provide the notices to you. Any phone calls or communications are between you and the organisation listed within the notice, generally, accountants or insolvency practitioners.

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